McCarthy's review of the expor▓t trade, whic

times the benefit gained by the company, or 10t╡rcent of the company's annual turno▓ver," Littleproud said."A company director fou▓nd g

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u cty could face 10 years prison or a fine of 2.1 million Australian dollars. An individual ▓convicted under the same offence, would face 10 years and a fine of 420,000 Au

m Fremantle to the M

stralian dollars."Littlep▓roud said exporters would be required to comply with a new stocking density model, which would involve an increase ▓in space for sheep of up to 39

iddle East with ab▓

percent, r▓esulting in a stocking reduction of up to 28 percent.He▓ said the greatest cause of sheep mortali▓ty was heat stress and McCarthy's new heat-stress model would

out 2,400 sheep dead

potentially reduce "stocking density" of between 19 and 79 percent.While the an▓nouncement was welcomed by some, Labor's agricult▓ure spokesman Joel Fitzgibbon said the go

of heat stress.However, the

vernment's ▓response did not go far enough.He said the Labor Party would stop the live export trade in summer "at t▓he first opportunity".Fitzgibbon accused the Turnbull government of failing to "follow the science" on live sheep exports. "The science is in, the nor▓thern summer sheep trade and animal welfare expe▓ctations cannot be reconciled," Fitzgibbon s

aid."As the Australian Veter

ll not go as far as banning

critics had been calling for.

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n parliament▓ returns next week

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ill introduce ▓a bill to amend the Australi

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an Meat Industry Act which wil▓l result in se vere fines and jail te rms for compan▓ies and directors who break export rules including aro ▓und stocking densiti es and animal welfare pr actices."Under ▓this offenc e a company would fa ce a fine of ▓4 .2 million Austral ian dollars (about 3.2 milli on U.S. doll a▓rs), three 揭西县5G 紫云苗族布依族自治县wap 廊坊市wap 稷山县wap 柳河县wap 三亚市5G 滨海县5G 进贤县5G 富民县5G 郓城县5G 额济纳旗5G 靖西县5G 丹阳市wap 临泉县5G 阳谷县5G 蕲春县5G 洪湖市5G 项城市wap 交口县wap 巫溪县wap 传奇私服攻沙规则 新开传奇私服网站发布网 传奇私服gm号权限命令 魅影迷失传奇私服网站 强化战神版传奇私服 传奇私服元宝充值脚本 传奇私服读不出列表 手机能玩传奇私服么 传奇私服破解外挂 山东网通传奇私服